X-rays in Semiconductor

Sigray’s x-ray solutions include 3D x-ray microscopes and microXRF systems in vacuum environments. These systems are used for a range of semiconductor applications, including everything from inspection of wafer contamination and silicon-side process monitoring to failure analysis of packaging.

Reverse Engineering & Trusted Circuit

Sigray’s Apex XCT-150 provides 0.5 um resolution 3D imaging of large PCBs and packages within minutes for reverse engineering and trusted circuit applications. Complete montages of intact packages of 200 cm x 200 cm are possible at spatial resolutions down to 0.5 um.

Wafer Level Packaging

Apex XCT-150 enables intact wafer imaging for next-generation packaging schemes. The system is successfully used for submicron failures such as voids, non-wets, cracks, etc. in TSVs, hybrid microbumps, and solder.

Voids clearly rendered in 5 um TSVs within minutes. Imaged within an intact 300mm wafer on the Apex XCT.
Front-end-of-the-line (FEOL) Process Monitoring

Sigray’s AttoMap XRF has been adopted by leading semiconductor companies for inspection of FEOL processes due to its accurate quantification and small spot sizes of 3-20 µm, allowing focusing of the beam completely within a 40 µm test pattern. The high sensitivity of the AttoMap enables quantitative analysis of trace levels of dopants and has demonstrated down to sub-Angstrom equivalent thickness.

Laddered sample performed on AttoMap-200 showing high degree of linearity and sensitivity down to 0.03 Angstroms of equivalent thickness for Co
Organic Contaminants and Trace Low-Z Elements

There is a general misperception that quantification of low atomic number (Z) elements such as B, C, O, and N at minor to trace levels is not achievable with microXRF at high resolutions. AttoMap-310 features a high vacuum chamber and a patented Si-based x-ray source that provides optimal illumination for low atomic number elements. Information on B doping and organic contamination can be achieved at excellent resolution (10-100 µm).

Packaging Failure Analysis – Absorption Contrast

Sigray has developed a revolutionary new approach to failure analysis with a patent-pending acquisition geometry for flat samples. Using this method, acquisition times of 10X faster than the next leading competitor at submicron spatial resolutions can be achieved. This system is an R&D system that is pre-release.

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