3D X-ray Microscopes

Sigray’s 3D X-ray Microscope product family offers the most unique and innovative features on the market. Our turnkey microscopes offer a simple and intuitive experience for beginners while maintaining comprehensive access for power users. 

We’re vertically integrated across X-ray source, optics and detector which means we can bring you unique advances available nowhere else. 

Spanning spatial resolutions from nanometers to millimeters there is a solution for every application including materials science, life science, semiconductor, additive manufacturing and pharmaceuticals.  

We produce systems that span spatial resolutions from nanometers to millimeters to provide outstanding flexibility for a wide range of research application interests, including materials science, life science, semiconductor, additive manufacturing and pharmaceuticals.

TriLambdaXRM-30 | Nanoscale 3D X-ray microscope with resolution down to 30 nm and three operating energies

PrismaXRM-800 | Flagship sub-micron 3D X-ray microscope featuring best in class versatility, resolution and throughput.

Available upgrade to Talbot-Lau interferometry offers exclusive contrast modes: Quantitative Phase and Sub-resolution Darkfield

ChromaXRM-500 | Turnkey multi-spectral 3D X-ray microscope with sub-micron resolution in a compact desktop form factor

Dimensions [m]2.3 L x 1.3 W x 1.5 H2.2 L x 1.2 W x 2.3 H1.0 L x 0.8 W x 0.6 H
Weight [kg]21772730150
Source20 to 50 kV
3 target materials
30 to 160 kV
200 um min FOD
20 to 60 kV
Up to 5 target materials
Detector4MP Deep Cooled CCD
4MP Direct Detection CCD
4MP Deep Cooled CCD
7MP Flat Panel (optional)
4MP Deep Cooled CCD
Up to 5 objectives
7MP Flat Panel (optional)
Resolution35 nm0.5 micron (with 40x objective)0.5 micron (with 40x objective)
Sample Size (diameter x height)50 x 50 um300 x 500 mm50 x 50 mm
Sample Weight150 g25 kg500 g
Sample Handling RobotNoOptionalOptional
GoalHighest spatial resolution
using X-ray zone plate lenses
Best combination of penetration
and contrast offering most flexibility
Multi-spectral X-ray source with
highest contrast and resolution